Have You Seen the Quant 3D Printer in Action?

by Michelle R. on July 28, 2014

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the new Quant 3D prototyping printer, now’s your chance. With this affordable new line from OK International you’ll be able to quickly and easily create prototypes and samples at a price that’s well within budget.

Already the recipient of multiple best-in-class design awards, the Quant 3D printer is the remarkably easy way to bring your ideas to life. Simply create your design using one of three file types, and the machine will transform your idea into a single, finely detailed model.

With Quant 3D, realizing your vision has never been easier. Watch the brief video below to learn more, and shop for the perfect 3D printer today at All-Spec.


With the new VACBP36V backpack vacuum from Atrix, pickup has never been easier. Based on an innovative, customer-driven design, this battery powered vacuum completely eliminates the safety hazards traditionally associated with corded equipment – so tricky cleaning in confined or hard-to-reach areas is a breeze.

Designed with freedom in mind, the VACBP36V easily converts to a blower, with a 50-55 minute continuous run time and a full battery recharge time of just three hours. To learn more, watch the brief video below –then shop with All-Spec and put this convenient, innovative new backpack vacuum to work for you.


When it comes to benchtop ionization, Simco-Ion is the clear choice for many. The brand’s popular PC Personal Bench Ionizer and Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower are each great options, both inherently balanced to 0 ± -5V with a patented emitter point cleaner and lifetime emitter points. But when it comes to localized coverage, which ionizer is best?

More compact and lightweight, the PC Personal Bench Ionizer offers slightly less extensive coverage of 1’x5’ for a targeted work zone. The Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower is designed for wider 3’x6’ coverage with an integrated heater for operator comfort.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find both the Simco-Ion PC Personal Bench Ionizer and the Aerostat XC Extended Ionizer Blower right here at All-Spec. Shop for these and other Simco-Ion essentials today.


PACE Worldwide: 42 Ways to Simplified Soldering

by Michelle R. on July 21, 2014

Whether you’re new to soldering, struggling with a particular application or just need a refresher, PACE has the solution for you. With a staggering 42 process guides in five application categories, PACE is poised to assist you with virtually any soldering task. Easy to follow and incredibly thorough, these process guides make soldering simple with step by step instructions and coordinating photo illustrations.

From basic principles to application-specific techniques, PACE simply makes soldering easier. So whatever your soldering task, you’ll find the perfect guide for your application from PACE Worldwide – now available online at All-Spec.


Stop by our Product Selection Headquarters and discover a whole new way to choose the perfect product.  Using our interactive selection tools, you’ll easily navigate through our online portfolio – and quickly find the best option for your application.

We’ve simplified the selection process in two different ways – use our brand selection guides to compare products within a single brand, or browse through and compare an entire category of items. However you shop, you’re sure to find the right product, right away.

Visit our new Product Selection Headquarters today, and check back often – there are more selection guides to come.