Scratched, torn or damaged edge contacts? Discover the kit that makes them “good as new.” CircuitMedic’s Gold Contact Plating Kit restores boards to their original level of performance and reliability. New to All-Spec, this kit is designed, tested and built to comply with IPC guidelines.

Strip solder- contaminated contacts down to the bare base metal and replate them to meet the original thickness specification—safely. From abrasive pads and alcohol swabs to peel test tape and plastic cups, CircuitMedic’s 201-6100 kit contains dozens of tools and materials to get the job done.

Includes a DC power supply and 1-ounce containers of Gold, Nickel and Electroclean plating solutions. Pre-wrapped, screw-on plating anodes combat the common problems associated with loosely wrapped cotton anodes. Everything you need in an ESD-safe carrying case.

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Garbled data getting you down? Test your fiber optic network with the Greenlee Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder.

Quickly bring to light leaks, breaks, macrobends, bad connectors and poor splices with this new All-Spec offering. The 180XL visual fault finder is designed to detect high losses and faults in single- and multi-mode fiber optic cables. Choose pulse mode in high ambient light conditions or continuous mode (CW) for steady fault illumination. Any interruption in continuity—within its 7km-extended reach—is indicated with a red, escaping light.

Class 3A-compliant and safe as specified by CDRH FDA standards, the Greenlee Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder is the clear choice for making a proper connection.

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When things get hot, keep cool with CircuitMedic’s Heat Shield Repair Kit.  A new All-Spec offering, the comprehensive kit has everything you need to protect your assembled circuit board and sensitive components.

Minimize collateral heat damage, inadvertent reflow as well as unintended rework. CircuitMedic’s kit contains sheets of aluminized heat shielding material and an assortment of high temperature tape, tools and supplies in a conductive, ESD-safe carrying case. Block extraneous heat flow with a high temperature mask that seals seams quickly.

It’s the all-inclusive—heat resistant—solution for your electronic assembly needs.

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Extech’s Digital Force Gauge is a force to be reckoned with. Push, pull and peak tests? No problem! This gauge is one smart gadget. Here’s why:

  • For starters, it’s highly accurate. Extech makes it easy to procure near perfect results to 44 pounds and deliver them on a 5-digit, reversible LCD to match your viewing angle.
  • You can also zero the display quickly prior to each new measurement with the Zero-Adjust button and freeze the max reading on the display with its Peak Hold button.
  • Plus, this device’s exclusive load cell measurement transducer cinches Extech’s reputation for excellence in technology.

For a limited time, save on the gauge that comes with traceable NIST calibration.

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Partial to false readings? Why not skip the psychic and fend off all false readings? Mitutoyo’s Absolute Digimatic Caliper 500 Series repels dirt, water and oil that contribute to inaccurate results.

The company’s Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) technology is exclusive. Its electromagnetic inductive sensor is patented to provide improved measurement dependability in harsh workshop conditions. And, the Absolute (ABS) sensor eliminates the necessity of setting the reference when the tool is powered.

For a limited time, shop All-Spec’s selection of Mitutoyo’s tools—including the digimatic caliper line—and save. Accurate results are in your future, and you don’t even need a crystal ball.

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