With so many material options, density variances, absorbency capacities and more, selecting the right swab for your application can be a challenge. Here, Berkshire breaks down some of their most commonly asked questions about swab construction.

  1. What does PPI mean? A standard measure of foam density, the PPI of a swab refers to the number of cells per cubic inch in the foam membrane.
  2. What are reticulated or open cell foam swabs? The cell windows in these structures have been removed by either chemical or thermal means. These swabs typically exhibit excellent particle entrapment and liquid retention capabilities.
  3. What are non-reticulated or closed cell foam swabs? Entirely sealed with cell windows intact, non-reticulated or closed cell foam swabs feature higher density and durability, yet a lower absorption capacity than open cell foams.
  4. What are knitted polyester swabs? Engineered for chemical resistance, knitted polyester cleanroom swabs offer exceptional purity, durability and absorbency with low ionic contamination levels.
  5. What are non-woven polyester swabs? Compatible with most solvents, these swabs are absorbent and non-abrasive with low contamination and NVR levels.


When it comes to comfortable seating, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Not built for a standard chair? Find a more spacious solution with the 10000 Series from Bevco. With an increased weight capacity of up to 500lbs, this line offers lumbar support for enhanced comfort, an extra-wide waterfall seat and an extended 28” diameter heavy duty base for added stability. The 10000 series includes standard features like free floating back tilt and pneumatic height adjustment, all covered under Bevco’s three-year warranty. The 10000 Series is available at All-Spec for less – shop our complete selection and start saving on the seating option that’s designed just for you.


Luxo’s Most Common Questions: Part 2

by Michelle R. on April 14, 2014

In this exclusive three-part blog series, we’ve asked the magnification experts at Luxo to reveal some of their most commonly asked questions. For our second installment we’ll focus on the Luxo trinocular microscope. What should you do if the camera won’t work?  

First, be sure the camera’s USB cord is connected to both the camera itself as well as to the PC. If you’re working with a stereo zoom Luxo trinocular system, locate the knob on the rear of the body. Try pushing it in or pulling it out. If the camera still isn’t working, check the software to ensure it has been properly installed and is recognized by the PC. If all these measures fail or if you are working with a different trinocular system, contact Luxo directly for additional support at (800) 222-5896.



What is Corstat®?

by Michelle R. on April 11, 2014

Originally developed by CCI in 1978 as the first conductive corrugated paperboard, Corstat has become the industry standard in ESD-safe packaging design. Widely used in the construction of mailers, shippers, reel bins, totes, kitting trays and other storage containers, Corstat is specially coated to provide controlled discharge, low sulfur outgassing and a clean surface. This unique, 100% recyclable material can be used alongside dissipative foam, thermoformed plastic or Taki Pak materials to meet the demands of a specific application.

All-Spec offers a range of pre-fabricated and custom Corstat options to meet any ESD handling requirement. Visit us online to discover the perfect solution, or create your own at all-spec.com.


What Makes the Wera Rapidaptor Different?

by Michelle R. on April 9, 2014

Innovatively designed for quick fastening and security, the single-hand Rapidaptor tool from Wera isn’t just another bit holder. Built to deliver fast bit removal without additional tools, the Rapidaptor features a floating, free-turning magnetic sleeve to firmly hold screws – so you don’t have to. An essential for overhead work, the Rapidaptor fits all ¼” bits and is now available with a new ring magnet design for easier application of the screw. The Wera Rapidaptor is in stock now – invest in this revolutionary tool for less at All-Spec.