Brady BMP21 Printers – Which Version Is Right for You?

by Michelle R. on September 15, 2014

Create clear, legible, industrial-strength labels designed to withstand harsh environments with the Brady BMP21, available in three configurations to suit a range of industry-specific applications. Which is right for yours? Discover the perfect option below, and find it for less at

BMP21: Developed specifically for voice/data com, electrical and general industrial applications, this all-in-one printer quickly creates clean, clear labels that stay put for years even in extreme temperatures.

BMP21-PLUS: Reengineered for enhanced durability and a smarter interior, the BMP21-PLUS features a high visibility, protected exterior with a backlit LED display, expanded material color and size options, and auto-formatting with no setup required.

BMP21-LAB: With built-in lab symbols designed to clearly label slides, straws, dishware, bottles, vials and tubes, the BMP21-LAB combines ease of use with a range of industry-specific features – at an entry-level price to accommodate any lab budget.


Simplify Your Shopping Experience with Express Checkout

by Michelle R. on September 12, 2014

Did you know you could cut your entire checkout process in half? It’s easy – simply complete an Express Checkout profile in the MyAccount section of, following directions to save information on general shipping methods, service options, payment terms and more. Set it to default and breeze through future checkouts by having everything completed ahead of time. It’s just one part of the All-Spec difference – and one of the many ways we strive to make your online shopping experience a great one.


Retro Resource: Discover the PACE Video Archive

by Michelle R. on September 10, 2014

From basic soldering techniques to advanced PCB rework and repair, the science of soldering can be difficult to master. Thankfully with PACE Worldwide, you’ve got a valuable training resource right at your fingertips. With topics including component soldering, integrated circuits, fume extraction and much more, PACE offers a comprehensive range of free, tried-and-true training videos in English, Spanish, German and French to aid customers all over the world. Check out the video below to get started, or visit the PACE channel on YouTube for more in-depth videos and demonstrations. And of course, you’ll always find an extensive range of PACE soldering products directly through All-Spec, at lower prices every day.


Your Chance to Save: the New LFM LED Series from Luxo

by Michelle R. on September 8, 2014

With its powerful, surprisingly affordable design, the new LFM LED magnifier series incorporates all the cutting-edge standard features you’d expect from Luxo – like dimmable 7W LEDs and a 4000°K color temperature. It’s the perfect solution for a range of light-duty applications, neatly wrapped in a cost-effective, energy-efficient package.

And there’s never been a better time to give the LFM series a try. Now through November 30th, we’re offering this innovative new line at the industry’s best prices. Look for great savings on the entire range of LFM LED magnifiers from Luxo – for a limited time, only at All-Spec.



Texwipe AlphaMop: 7 Steps to a Cleaner Cleanroom

by Michelle R. on September 5, 2014

Engineered specifically for cleanroom production environments, the AlphaMop by Texwipe is an essential for manufacturing applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination. Learn to use it correctly – simply follow the seven steps below to ensure a cleaner cleanroom.

  1. Wet the mop cover with an appropriate solvent, or use a pre-wetted mop cover.
  2. Slip the cover over the mop.
  3. Clean walls from top to bottom, moving from clean, dry spaces to dirty areas in overlapping strokes. The cover should be changed at least every 25 wipes, or more if the wall is dirty.
  4. Clean floors in small rectangular sections, moving from clean, dry areas to dirty areas. Linear, overlapping strokes will minimize recontamination, and the mop cover should be replaced once every 100 square feet. Doorways and high-traffic areas should be attended to last.
  5. Always use a damp mop for more effective contamination removal.
  6. Dispose of dirty mop covers in an appropriate bag.
  7. Follow the proper site protocol procedures for safety and contamination.

With AlphaMops, maintaining an ultraclean manufacturing facility has never been so simple. Browse the complete line and other Texwipe cleanroom solutions at All-Spec, and save money while you shop.