Weller WHA900 Hot Air Rework Station

by Andy on May 2, 2007

All-Spec Industries is pleased to announce the new Weller WHA900 Hot Air Rework Station. The 650 watt WHA900 features unmatched temperature control. A sensor located at the nozzle continuously samples the temperature and adjusts to accurately maintain the predetermined settings, regardless of airflow rate.

Other features of the Weller WHA900 include:Weller WHA900 Hot Air Rework Station

  • Compact design to maximize work space
  • Temp. Range: 122°F to 1022°F
  • Standby button allows you to power down to low settings when not in use
  • Includes a rest support for the hand piece
  • 650 watt
  • Nozzles sold separately

Technical Specifications, nozzles for every application, and accessories are available.

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