Flir Buys Extech

by Andy on November 5, 2007

Extech Instruments Logo

Jerry Blakely, President of Extech Instruments Corporation announced that Flir, a designer and manufacturer of thermal imaging and stabilized camera systems is purchasing Extech, one of All-Spec’s vendors, for $40 million.

This decision seems to make sense since the profitable Extech is a supplier of test and measurement equipment. Flir will be adding thermal imagers and Infrared cameras to Extech’s line of products. They have also been looking to break into the consumer market for handheld temperature-measurement devices for the cost benefits.

Flir’s products are mainly used for applications such as navigation safety, maritime and border patrol, search and rescue, and surveillance and reconnaissance. In addition to adding instruments to Extech’s product line, Flir will also get access to Extech’s catalog sellers so they can begin selling their lower-priced line of thermography items in the upcoming year. Extech also uses inexpensive manufacturing processes in Asia, and now Flir will now be able to take advantage of this.

All-Spec Industries carries a variety of Extech products including clamp meters, electrical testers, and digital multimeters.

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