K-Sun BEE3 Review

by Andy on November 12, 2007

K-Sun BEE3 Label Printer The K-Sun BEE3FB2 3-in-1 LABELShop printer is a specialized printer for heat shrink tube identification, bar code labels, and custom labels, but it can also be used for labeling everyday items. You can conveniently label any of your equipment from files to shelves to jars. It can be used at home, at work, or in the warehouse.

Some of its impressive features include:

  • Auto-cut or continuous printer for greater speed
  • 14 fonts and a choice of 1-4 lines of text
  • Printing on five different labeling tape sizes
  • Choice of English or Spanish
  • QWERTY style keyboard
  • Printing on 2 heat shrink tube sizes
  • Six bar code formats for management

All-Spec Industries is offering a new promotion on this new K-Sun BEE3 product. Check it out here.

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