Weller WD2M Review

by Andy on January 2, 2008

Weller WD2M Control Unit Weller seems to outdo itself time and time again with their innovative products. With the Weller WD2M control unit, hand soldering is easier than ever before due to the vast amount of control functions built into its menu. The best part about this station is its small size that barely takes up any room on a workbench. Not only does its small size make it easy to use, its large LCD display is really easy to read as well. On the technical side, the WD2M has high speed regulation and its WMRTH thermal tweezers and WMRP micro soldering iron can reach a maximum of 150 watts. The temperature stability can also be guaranteed with its closed loop control and efficient thermal energy transfer from the heating element to the soldering tip. Other important features of the Weller WD2M include:

  • Dual outputs so you can use two tools at once.
  • Automatic tool recognition so you don’t have to reset the control parameters after switching tools.
  • Stop and go function: Placing a tool in the stand will switch the tool off and removing the tool from the stand will send it back to its correct temperature.
  • USB interface that can connect to a PC. If you use the correct monitor software, the station can easily document process temperatures and setting changes.

Take a closer look at the WD2M here, it’s pretty nice.

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