For Your Electronics Reading Pleasure

by Andy on March 10, 2008

For me, reading about something I’m interested in is half the fun of actually participating in that activity. I’m sure I can’t be the only one so I’ve compiled a short list of reading material to keep you busy, interested and informed.

My absolute favorite way to get an idea of what people are saying about a product or service is through forums. There are usually tons of posts to read and the reviews are real.

My favorite electronics forum is Dutch Force Electronics Forum. Members of this forum have made over 138,000 posts so the reading material is plentiful plus there must be a lot of fans because there are always recent posts. Individual forum topics vary from General to Printed Circuit Board Design to Home Made Gadgets.

Toolmonger is another cool place to hang out. Toolmonger claims to be the web’s first tool blog. With that said, I should probably tell you that all the posts aren’t electronics related, but they’re still interesting. Plus, you can browse the posts by tool type, subject and manufacturer. There’s also a useful section called “TV Tonight” that gives you the TV schedule for shows such as Myth Busters, Modern Marvels, Cool Tools and many others.

Another useful resource is All About Circuits. This site has free online textbooks on electricity and electronics. Examples of textbooks on the site include Digital, Reference, Semiconductor plus three others. The books are fairly in-depth and the site says the books are a continuous project so new material may be added from time to time. All About Circuits also has a forum.

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