ESD Flooring to Get You Excited

by Andy on April 7, 2008

Sierra ESD-Safe Flooring If you’re in the market for ESD flooring that is attractive and effective, then Sierra vinyl ESD floor tiles and carpet ESD floor tiles may be the perfect solution.

Sierra ESD vinyl floor tiles offer permanent ESD properties and a durable hard surface which is indentation, abrasion and chemical resistant. The tiles feature electrical resistance of Surface to Ground: 2.5 x 104 and Surface to Surface: 2.5 X 104 – 106

Sierra ESD carpet floor tiles offer a continuous surface of conductivity. Carpet tiles are thought to provide the most ergonomic advantages of available flooring, and these tiles are no different. For that reason, the carpet tiles are perfect for ESD-sensitive areas where static control footwear might not be worn such as government or civilian areas.

Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why you should use Sierra ESD carpet and ESD vinyl floor tiles in your work area:

1. Easy to maintain – the tiles never need spraying, waxing or any other application

2. Versatile – both the carpet tiles and vinyl tiles can be placed over existing floors as long as it’s not carpet

3. Saves you money – the 24” x 24” tiles reduce waste and the tiles can easily be removed and replaced if one gets damaged

4. Meets industry standards – the vinyl tiles meet all of the requirements of ANSI/ESD S.20.20 and conforms to the requirement of NFPA 99 Standard for Health Care Facilities. The carpet tiles are recyclable with a Green Label Plus certification and meet the requirements for class zero ESD environments

5. Durable – the carpet tiles passed a roller caster test, after 100,000 chair caster cycles, there was no change in conductivity and as I said earlier, the vinyl tiles are indentation and abrasion resistant

6. Options for color and patterns – both the carpet and vinyl tiles come in several different patterns and colors, this allows you to customize your work area

7. ESD vinyl tiles integrate well with ESD carpet tiles and vice versa

8. Suitable for many work environments – the carpet and/or vinyl tiles can be used in government areas, electronics manufacturing, hospitals, emergency rooms, operating rooms, surface mount and wave solder areas, magnetic resonance imaging suites, cleanrooms, data centers, IT/telecommunications, access floor environments, biotech manufacturing plants and many more

9. One year limited warranty for defects in material and workmanship

10. Attractive – both the carpet and vinyl tiles give any room a clean appearance

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