Recycle Your E-Waste on Earth Day

by Andy on April 22, 2008

Earth Day! Today is Earth Day. If there’s one day a year you should think about the environment and recycling then today is the day.

Earth Day and everyday should be about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; this thought can even be applied to electronics.

Our landfills continue to fill up with thrown away electronics such as TVs, cell phones, and computers that have the potential to contain hazardous substances. Overtime these substances could leach into the soil and ultimately, our groundwater.

So instead of throwing your old electronic gadgets away this Earth Day, think about handing them down to a friend or donating the electronics to a local organization like Goodwill.

Also, many manufacturers and retailers are now providing customers with ways to properly dispose of e-waste. For example, Circuit City has an easy trade in program; Apple’s free recycling program allows you to take any iPod or cell phone to an Apple store for free recycling. Some programs will offer free recycling for their brand and some accept other brands for a small fee.

A little extra effort today might not pay off tomorrow but it will sometime in the future.

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