Dr. Lasky Talks About The Latest Issues With Solder Products

by Andy on June 2, 2008

About a month and a half ago we had an interesting guest blog post about RoHS2 written by solder expert Dr. Ronald Lasky. Dr. Lasky is very knowledgeable when it comes to RoHS, RoHS and WEEE (among other things), so it’s always a pleasure to hear what he has to say.

I found a video interview with Dr. Lasky on Rick Short’s blog. The interview is a little long (over 8 minutes) but it’s definitely worth watching because of  Dr. Lasky’s insight into the future of electronic assembly materials including the hot topic of halogen-free.

The video is easy to watch and listen to. Both Dr. Lasky and the interviewer are very conversational.

The link to the interview:


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