What is OKi’s SmartHeat Technology?

by Andy on August 19, 2008

OKi Metcal SmartHeat Technology

Many of OKi’s new soldering systems including the OKi PS-900 feature SmartHeat Technology. This technology is basically ESP for your soldering system. Any system that features the SmartHeat will sense the thermal requirement needed for each job and then deliver the correct thermal energy needed to create a reliable joint without using a super high temperature. This sensing reduces the risk of component damage.

Below are some of the benefits of OK International’s SmartHeat Technology.

  • Transfer of Stored Thermal Energy – Conventional soldering systems store the thermal energy in the tip and once the tip touches the pad, the energy rushes into the pad. But SmartHeat Technology allows the system to act differently depending on the pad’s thermal demands which once again gives the operator the thermal energy needed at the lowest temperature possible.
  • Reduced Risk of Undershoot and Overshoot – SmartHeat detects the energy requirement and then controls that energy to avoid an unreliable joint or damage to PCBs or components.
  • Temperature Stability Over Time – The molecular properties of the material used in the heater don’t shift over time and that’s why SmartHeat systems do not need recalibrated or recertified.
  • Rating System to Help with Tip Selection – Choosing the correct soldering tip is important, after all it’s how all the energy travels from the heater to the pad. That is why OKi developed the conductivity factor rating system to provide operators with the guidance they need. Also, OKi’s power meter can quantify the energy requirements needed for the pad.
  • Ideal for Lead-Free – The thermal energy needed for lead-free soldering is greater than the energy needed for leaded solders. Systems with SmartHeat offer the thermal energy needed for lead-free but at lower operating temperatures.
  • Longer Tip Life – High tip temperature combined with oxidation and flux corrosion can rapidly deteriorate the working life of a soldering tip. A soldering system with SmartHeat Technology operates at a lower temperature so soldering tips are less affected by chemical interactions and the high heat.

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