Going Green in the Workplace

by Andy on September 29, 2008

Recycle!In the past couple months we’ve been talking a lot about going green, and it looks like it’s here to stay. So below are a few easy tips to go green, protect the environment and help make it a healthier place for everyone to live.

1. Recycle your used soldering tips through the Weller Tip Recycling Program. Weller will accept 2 lbs of soldering tips from any manufacturer and send you a $75 voucher to be used toward your next purchase of Weller soldering tips at any participating distributor.

2. Use lead-free solder. There are very few reasons why you shouldn’t…especially nowadays because of the variety of lead-free solders out on the market. Kester’s lead-free solder offers plenty of choices when it comes to solder wire, solder bar and solder paste.

3. Turn off task lights, bench lights and other any other electronic that consumes energy when you’re not at your workstation, desk or work bench. Visit Earth 911 for some interesting facts about recycling and energy.

4. The recycling of electronics also known as e-cycling is becoming a lot easier than it was a couple years ago and the recycling of old computer, monitors and other electronics makes a big difference. Visit myGreenElectronics to find a recycling center near you.

For several years now All-Spec Industries and its employees have been doing their part to go green. Here’s a list of the steps we take to conserve energy and resources.

  • Lights – It’s a policy here at All-Spec to turn off the lights if you’re leaving a room…especially the bathroom or kitchen
  • We have three separate containers to recycle plastic, aluminum and newspaper plus there’s also a dumpster just for all the corrugated cardboard we use.
  • Over the past couple years All-Spec has been pretty good at making more and more processes (especially in accounting) paperless. We deal more with scanners, e-mails and other ways of communication electronically. Paperless processes cut back on the paper we use and then ultimately have to file.
  • Just like most offices, the use of paper is just about unavoidable. So for the paper we do use, it’s shredded and sent away to be recycled. We have a shred schedule where a different All-Spec employee is shredding everyday, this helps us keep up on the paper shredding.

Those are some of the ways All-Spec has gone green, how has your company gone green?

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