Leatherman Micra vs Leatherman Squirt S4

by Andy on October 14, 2008

Leatherman Squirt S4 vs MicraHere at All-Spec, we’ve had several inquiries about the differences between the Leatherman Micra and the Leatherman Squirt S4. Both are pocket sized multi-tools, but other than that here’s how they differ.

First off, let’s look at the tools:

Micra – nine tools plus a key ring attachment

  • Scissors (The largest tool when opened)
  • Clip-Point Knife
  • Nail cleaner/File
  • Attached stainless steel tweezers
  • Extra small screwdriver
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Flat Phillips screwdriver
  • 5″ ruler engraved into handles
  • Bottle opener
  • Key ring attachement

Squirt S4 – nine tools plus a key ring attachment

  • Scissors (The largest tool when opened)
  • Straight knife
  • Removable tweezers
  • Extra small screwdriver
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Small flat Phillips
  • Nail File/Cleaner
  • Bottle opener
  • 1.5″ ruler engraved into nail file/cleaner
  • Key ring attachment

While they may look very similar when you read the list of tools, there are a few key differences.

Size: The Micra is the larger of the two tools by a 1/4″. The Micra measures 2-1/2″ and the Squirt S4 measures 2-1/4″

Looks: Other than the 1/2″ size difference, the next noticeable difference between the two is the finish. The Micra is available in green, blue, red and silver. The silver is just the plain stainless tool but the colored tools are the stainless steel tool with a colored plastic covering. The Squirt S4 is available in gray, blue and red but the color is actually on the metal.

Feel: Both tools are fairly small and have the same number of tools, but the Squirt S4 is slightly heavier than the Micra.

Conclusion: Both the Micra and the Squirt are great pocket multi-tools to keep around, and the tools on both of them are easy to open with the convenient nail nicks. With the Squirt S4 all the tools with the exception of the scissors are available when the tool is in the closed position. On the other hand, the blades must be rotated open to access any of the Micra’s tools.
Also, both the Micra and the Squirt S4 are stainless steel but must be maintained. From time to time both tools should be cleaned and dried plus the pivoting areas should be re-oiled.

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