IAC Industries Goes Green

by Andy on January 21, 2009

IAC Industries - Benches and Chairs

IAC Industries - Benches, Chairs & Storage

Several months ago we received an e-mail from IAC Industries, manufacturer of benches, chairs and storage, explaining what they do as a company to lessen their impact on the environment. I think this is a trend that we’re going to see a lot more of but I thought I’d pass on what they’re doing to go green.

Recycling – There is a lot of waste in many companies but IAC uses shipping packages that are made of 70% recycled materials and almost all of their packing is recyclable

Water – The first stage of IAC’s wash system for parts painting recycles water through a filter which allows for reuse of that water

Less Waste – Let’s face it, even well designed products will wear out and that’s why IAC allows for easy replacement of parts that wear…that way the whole unit doesn’t need replaced

Energy – Energy conservation practices have been put into place for manufacturing processes

Toxins – IAC uses materials (including glues) that will not outgas at the user’s facility or cause environmental harm when disposed of at the landfill

According the the email, IAC Industries also consults on a regular basis with an environmental company to make sure their process are up-to-date or even ahead of current environmental regulations.

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