The New Luxo 18712RB Microscope

by Andy on January 7, 2009

Luxo 18712RB Microscope Luxo 18712RB Microscope

New to All-Spec Industries is the Luxo 18712RB binocular microscope. Features to note about the Luxo 18712RB include the 17 watt fluorescent ring light and the roller bearing boom stand that allows for smooth height adjustment. Also available is the Luxo 18712; this is the same micrscope as the 18712RB but includes a traditional single boom stand instead of the roller bearing stand.

Other Luxo 18712RB features:

  • 10X wide field eyepieces — zoom range from 6.5X-45X
  • Additional eyepieces can be purchased to extend magnification
  • Ring light has a color temperature of 5600°K for 4,000 hours
  • Roller bearing stand measures 10″x10″ and is made from stainless steel


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