All-Spec Stat-Crete Installation Instructions: Part 1

by Andy on February 19, 2009

Stat-Crete Epoxy Coating This is part one of a three part series with instructions on how to install All-Spec’s new Stat-Crete 2-part epoxy paint.

Here are a few features of the dissipative epoxy paint:

  • Surface resistivity: <107 Ohms2 Max/Cm2 @ 40% relative humidity
  • Static decay rate of <0.2 seconds using FTMS 101B, method 4046
  • Works on a wide range of concrete and ceramic surfaces
  • Resistant to abrasion and many chemicals and solvents
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors

How to Install 2-Part Epoxy Paint on Existing Tile Floor

1. Remove existing finish with the All-Spec Eliminator floor stripper, a cold water floor stripper

Using cold water, mix 16 ounces per gallon of the floor stripper for routine stripping, 32 ounces for medium build-up or 128 ounces for heavy build-up. Mop on the solution and let stand for five minutes. Using a wet vacuum or automatic scrubber remove the finish; be sure to remove any residual floor finish by light rinsing or mopping. Let the floor completely dry before applying Stat-Crete.

Note: All-Spec Eliminator is not for use on older linoleum tile floors or asphalt tile. The stripper may remove the dye, especially from dark colored tiles.

2. Create a conductive floor using the All-Spec Stat-Crete epoxy paint

Add the pre-measured catalyst to the epoxy base and stir until the catalyst has been completely mixed in. Let the mixture stand for five minutes. Using a short nap roller, apply a thin, uniform layer of the dissipative epoxy. Allow the first coat to dry for 5-7 hours before applying a second coat. It is important to mix only the amount needed for immediate use and the paint should be used with six hours of initial mixing. Freshly painted floors can withstand light traffic after 12 hours of curing but maximum durability wont be achieved until five to seven days after painting.

Note: Avoid using this paint in areas that are frequently exposed to standing water.

3. Seal and Protect Dissipative Floor with All-Spec’s Stat-Seal

Vacuum the floor to remove any loose dirt or dust; then wash the floor with All-Spec’s Stat-Clean. Once the floor is dry, apply thin uniform coats and allow the sealer/finish to dry for about 30 minutes before allowing people to walk on the floor.

4. Maximize ESD protection with All-Spec’s Stat-Coat, a static dissipative floor finish

In temperatures of 60°F or warmer, use a synthetic finish mop to apply thin, uniform coats of the finish. Optimum appearance is achieved by waiting 30-45 minutes between each of the three to five recommended coats of finish. Avoid application in high humidity as this can extend drying times.

To maintain dissipative properties, sweep the floor everyday with an untreated mop to remove any sand or dirt that may scratch the floor. Damp mopping the floors on a regular basis is also a good idea to remove any substances that could decrease the conductive properties of the coating.

If you have any questions about All-Spec’s Stat-Crete, please contact our customer service by phone (1-800-537-0351) or email customer service.

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