All-Spec Stat-Crete Installation Instructions: Part 2

by Andy on March 5, 2009

Two weeks ago we posted part 1 of the All-Spec Stat-Crete Installation Instructions. The second part is below.

How to Install 2-Part Epoxy Paint on Concrete Floors

1. Using a degreaser, deep clean the existing concrete floor

Apply a degreaser solution with a watering can or mop; continue with the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the floor. Be sure to remove all of the solution using a mop or wet-vac.

2. Etch with Prepare, a concrete acid etching solutionAcid Etching Solution

Use clean water to uniformly dampen the area to be etched. Mix one part Prepare (etching solution) with one part cold water and evenly apply with a watering can and then spread with a deck brush. Let the solution sit on the floor for approximately five minutes or until the foaming stops (see foaming picture to the right). Scrub the floor with a buffing machine and a staggered bristle zim-grit or nylo-grit type brush or deck brush to ensure deep cleaning. Remove the etching solution with a wet-vac and rinse using a mop or watering can and clean water. Thoroughly remove all rinse water and make sure all equipment used is completely rinsed with clean water.

Note: Prepare contains hydrochloric acid and other chemicals…be sure to take the necessary safety precautions including proper ventilation. Do not use Prepare on marble, terrazzo, limestone, or other calcium containing surfaces.

3. Coat the floor with Stat-Crete dissipative epoxy

Add the premeasured catalyst to the epoxy base and gently stir until the two have been thoroughly mixed; let the mixture stand for five minutes. Note: make sure you mix only what is needed since the catalyzed Stat-Crete should be used within six hours of mixing.

Using a short nap roller, apply a thin coat of the Stat-Crete and let dry for five to seven hours. Apply a second coat and let dry for 12 hours before allowing light foot traffic. Complete curing of the floor will take about five to seven days.

Below are a couple things to keep in mind when applying Stat-Crete to concrete.Stat-Crete Epoxy Coating

  • If you are applying Stat-Crete to a concrete floor that has been coated in the past. Strip any areas that still have the old coating.  After washing, etching, and rising, allow the floor to dry completely before applying the Stat-Crete.
  • If you are applying Stat-Crete to a new concrete floor, sweep and thoroughly wash the area. Then using Prepare, etch and rinse the floor. It is important to note that new concrete floors should be given at least 30 days to cure and it is recommended to avoid applying Stat-Crete to floors colder than 60°F.

4. Seal & protect with Stat-Seal

Apply one or two thin even coats, allowing Stat-Seal to dry for approximately 30-45  minutes (depending on humidity and temperature) between coats. Wait two hours between the last coat of Stat-Seal and the first coat of Stat-Coat for the best results.

5. Finish with Stat-Coat

Apply thin, even coats of Stat-Coat using a synthetic mop; let dry for 30-45 minutes. For best results, apply three to five coats of the finish; preferably not in high humidity or high temperatures.

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