Upgrade Your Original Mantis Microscope

by Andy on May 12, 2009

Mantis Microscope on Bench Stand From now until August 1, 2009, existing Mantis unit owners can trade in their old scopes for a 25% discount off a new Mantis Compact or Mantis Elite microscope systems.

What do you need to do to trade in your old Mantis microscope for a 25% discount?

1. Contact All-Spec by email or call 800-537-0351 and let one of our customer service reps. know that you want to upgrade your Mantis unit

2. An RMA number will be obtained for you by All-Spec

3. All-Spec will issue your RMA number as well as purchasing instructions

Looking for more info.? Here are the Terms and Conditions for the Mantis trade-in promotion (pdf).

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