Speed Up Wire Fishing with the Magnamole Magnetic Cable Guide

by Andy on June 30, 2009

Magnamole Magnetic Cable Guide Back in March, we explained how Jonard’s Magnepull works and can be used to make wiring the home much easier. If you thought the Magnepull was useful, you’d probably like Jonard’s Magnamole magnetic cable guide. While the Magnepull helps to run cable from floor to floor (attic too!), the Magnamole’s forte is running cable through cavity walls and other void spaces.

The Jonard MM-800 cable guide system comes with one magnetic rod, two magnetic extensions and 5 magnetic caps in various sizes and colors.

Here’s how the Magnamole works:

  1. Thread the Magnamole magnetic rod through the hole in wall
  2. Push the magnetic cap on the end of the cable
  3. Touch the magnetic cap to the magnet on the end of the rod
  4. Pull the cable through the wall using the magnetic rod.

Overall, the Jonard MM-800 is an inexpensive way to fish cable with just one person.

Jonard Industries has created a great video with several real life examples of how the Magnamole can be used to simplify and speed up the wire fishing process.

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