What You Need to Know About Ergonomic Chairs

by Andy on August 4, 2009

Ergonomic Chairs Ergonomic is a fairly common word these days; ergonomic tools, ergonomic mouse, ergonomic keyboards, etc… Anything that has been ergonomically designed is more comfortable and allows the user to work more efficiently and safely; ergonomic chairs are no different.

Most people think sitting is a relaxing position but that’s not the case for extended periods of time. Sitting puts stress on the back from the weight of the upper body; there is increased pressure on the intervertebral discs and it slows circulation in the lower extremities. Ergonomically designed chairs can prevent all theses problems.

According to Spine-Health.com, here are some features of a good ergonomic chair:


  • Seat height – adjustable…feet should sit flat on the floor and thighs should be horizontal to the ground
  • Seat depth and width – Ideally a seat should be 17-20” wide and have enough depth to allow the user to sit with his/her back against the back rest and still have 2-4” from the seat of the chair to the back of the knees
  • Lower back support – this is essential in a good ergo chair…a good chair should have lumbar adjustment to support the lower back’s inward curve
  • Armrests – these should also be adjustable and should allow for arms and shoulders to rest comfortably without the forearm on the armrest

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