BioFit Ergo Seating – Another Green Company

by Andy on September 18, 2009

BioFit Logo Several months back we wrote about Wearwell mat company being a green company; BioFit is yet another company to consider what negative environmental impacts its products, processes, facilities and even shipping materials can create.

So what does BioFit do to go green?

BioFit takes the basic steps…

  • Turn off any equipment that’s not being used
  • Company-wide recycling stations for paper, cardboard and metal
  • Use energy-efficient bulbs when possible
  • Cut back on VOCs by using water-soluble adhesives and coatings

but the company also goes above and beyond…

  • Use recycled materials for processes and products
    • Aluminum castings – 100% recycled material BioFit Chair
    • Composite bases – 10% recycled material
    • Seat controls & steel – 10% recycled material
    • Cartons – 10% recycled material
  • Employing the most environmentally friendly processes available i.e. non-toxic powder coating
  • Avoid using cadmium, mercury, lead, etc… ELV and RoHS compliant
  • Use biodegradable degreasers and hand-cleaning products

In addition to a laundry list of steps BioFit takes to be environmentally conscious, it’s also important to note all BioFit chairs, stools, etc… (tables too) qualify to be used in green buildings around the U.S. BioFit seating products meet the indoor air quality requirements with ANSI/BIFMA protocol M7.1-2007, and are also compliant with the United States Green Building Council standard LEED CI EQ Credit 4.5, Low Emitting Material, Systems Furniture and Seating, Option C.


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