The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

by Andy on November 16, 2009

Anti-Fatigue Mats We’ve talked about ergonomic chairs before and how they’re important because of all the stress sitting puts on the back, spine, etc… Anti-fatigue mats are ergonomic mats that produce the same results but for standing workers rather than sitting workers.

Everyone knows standing in one spot for an extended period of time is just uncomfortable but it can also affect your health.

Here’s what happens when the body is subjected to prolong periods of standing:

  • Blood pooling in the legs – gravity wins in this situation…the blood is pulled down into the feet and standing in one spot for a long time limits proper circulation. Blood pooling can lead to varicose veins
  • Joint compression – each joint supports the weight of the body parts above it…for example, joints in the feet and ankles support the entire body. The weight from all the compression squeezes the fluid out of all the joints and one stationary position does not allow the fluid to enter the joint again which can cause wear and tear on the joints
  • Muscle fatigue – muscles are constantly tightened when standing which reduces the blood flow to these working muscles. Adequate blood flow acts as nourishment for the muscles and without it, the muscles can become exhausted

Anti-fatigue mats work because the mat itself stimulates circulation in the legs, feet and lower back; this subtle movement keeps blood pumping back to the heart (circulation) which prevents standing-induced fatigue. The mats also absorb and disperse shock.

It’s important to note, anti-fatigue mats reduce discomfort and fatigue but they are not a cure all for long periods of static standing. Also be aware, not all mats are designed to be anti-fatigue. Thick foam mats that are too cushioning can actually cause fatigue.

Here at All-Spec, we carry several brands of anti-fatigue mats. Our selection of anti-fatigue mats range from drainage mats and anti-microbial mats to interlocking tiles and floor runners.

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