10 Uses for Bucket Boss Organizers

by Andy on December 16, 2009

Bucket Boss Logo Over the past few years Bucket Boss has become quite popular. We sell a lot of Bucket Boss all year round but November and December are huge months for these products…probably because Bucket Boss (any style) makes a great gift. Of course there are the specific products like the power tool holster and jumper cable bag but most of the Bucket Boss products are pretty versatile.

Here are 10 Uses for a Bucket Boss tool organizer:

1. Use the 56 pocket tool organizer and a 3-5 gallon bucket as a gardening bucket

2. Store fishing equipment  i.e. pliers, tape measure, etc…

3. Use the wrench roll or tool roll to store paint brushes so the bristles don’t get damaged

4. Make an emergency car kit for your trunk using a Bucket Boss GateMouth bag

5. The 16 Pocket Super Bib Apron makes a great BBQ apron

6. Bucket Boss briefcases are some of the world’s toughest backpacks and laptop bags

7. Carry all your necessities for the range i.e. tripod, ammo, ear plugs

8. Store camera equipment and accessories in one of the durable bags…Bucket Boss Extreme bags are a nice looking alternative to the traditional Bucket Boss bags

9. Keep one on your boat with extra boat keys, first aid kit, toiletries, etc…

10. Let’s not forget the most obvious…use Bucket Boss to store you most frequently used tools…keep them handy and ready to go when needed

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