Choosing the Correct Glove for the Application

by Andy on December 3, 2009

All-Spec now has over 350 options when it comes to gloves and finger cots; our selection includes the basics such as blue nitrile gloves and dissipative finger cots but we also offer niche application gloves such as elbow length chemical resistant neoprene gloves and cleanroom compatible gloves. We actively try to increase our glove options to offer what is in demand. As the number of glove options grow, so does the confusion regarding which glove to choose.

Showa-Best is a new vendor of ours and they have a handy little tool for selecting the best glove. To use the tool you start by selecting either the application (i.e. aircraft assembly, animal control), hazard (i.e. abrasion, grease) or chemical (i.e. acetonitrile, methanol).

ShowaBest Glove Tool

Once you choose, you’ll be taken to a product listing page with a picture, part number and a row of graphics telling you if the glove is chemical resistant, wear/abrasion resistant, cut resistant, puncture resistant and the price range of the glove.

ShowaBest Glove Tool

To find more information about a particular glove, click on the picture.

All in all, the tool seems to be very visual and user friendly. My only complaint: there is no key (unless it’s hidden) to show the price range (i.e. I have no idea what two dollar signs means). The same is true for the other options. I’m guessing four knives is about as cut resistant as you can get but I’m unsure how four knives compares to one knife.

Note: For those of you who don’t know. Showa-Best Glove is the result of the 2007 merger between Best Manufacturing and Showa Glove; Showa-Best Glove is now capable of offering 1,800 glove choices.

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