Basic Parts of a Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extractor

by Andy on January 29, 2010

Weller Zero-Smog Fume Extractors We recently added Weller’s line of Zero-Smog fume extractors . Fume extractors are an integral part of any workplace environment where hazardous fumes and/or smoke are present. Exposure to the fumes can cause nosebleeds, asthma, sore throat and possibly even long term health problems.

In basic form, all Weller fume extractors have three parts, a collection point, an airflow source and of course, a filter system.

1. The collection point is just that, a place where the fumes enter the fume extraction system. There are two different types of collection points: volume extraction and tip extraction. The common goal for both types of fume extractors is to remove the fumes as close to the source as possible.

Tip Extraction – Used for hand soldering or any small work area…the fumes typically travel through a small tube mounted on the iron.

Volume Extraction – This type of extraction is for larger areas and is usually set up with a nozzle positioned as close to the source of the fumes.

2. The airflow source is simply how the fumes get from the source to the filter. Understandably, the size and type of vacuum pump used depend on the size and type of extraction system.

According the Weller’s Zero-Smog site, volume fume extractors require a high airflow rate but a Weller Zero Smog Filter lower vacuum (generally 2,800 Pa maximum). On the other hand, tip fume extractors use a lower airflow but a higher vacuum (up to 12,000 Pa for efficient fume extraction)

3. The star of the show is of course the filter system. Weller units employ three filters to get the job done. The first is a dust filter to remove the largest particles. The second filter is a microfilter designed to remove nearly all the smaller particles. Lastly, the gas filter uses activated carbon and chemisorbant to clean the airflow.

All of Weller’s fume extractors are ESD-safe and available with a variety of ports, filters, arms, hoses and nozzles.

Having trouble trying to decide which fume extractor to purchase? Use Weller’s fume extractor selection guide to assist you in figuring on what system fits your application.

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