Introducing the Hakko FA400-04 Smoke Absorber

by Andy on March 22, 2010

Hakko has recently released the newest addition to their fume extraction family. If you’re a big fan of Hakko then you probably know the Hakko 493-10 smoke absorber has been discontinued, but no worries, it has been replaced with the Hakko FA400 fume absorber.

The FA400-04 is a bench top fume absorber that can be used in a low profile position (horizontal), standing up (vertical) or attached to an arm stand. If the unit is used in a low profile position, the air flow is 2.6 times greater then when the smoke absorber is used in a vertical position.

Hakko FA-400 Fume ExtractorHakko FA-400 Fume Extractor





Features of the Hakko FA400-04:

  • Operates quietly
  • ESD-safe by design
  • Uses the same filters and accessories that the 493-10 used
  • Carbon activated filter eliminates 80% of odors; special high efficiency filter (sold separately) can remove up to 90% of airborne particles
  • Power consumption: 13W
  • Absorption capacity without filter: Approx. 37.79 ft³/min.
  • Outer dimensions: 5.5”(W) x 3.0”(H) x 7.3”(D)

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