How-To Soldering Videos from BEST Inc.

by Andy on April 26, 2010

We know you guys like videos and most of the time, it’s easier to learn from a video as opposed to a blog article or white paper.

While trolling YouTube for interesting videos, I found the YouTube channel for BEST Inc. It turn out they frequently upload how-to soldering videos to their YouTube channel. The topic of the videos range from repairing a damaged PCB corner to PCB pad repair using epoxy.

Not only does BEST Inc supply PCB repair products, training kits and repair kits but they also offer solder and rework/repair training courses through their IPC Master Certification Solder Training Center. BEST Inc offers both instructor and operator classes as well as customized classes, plus their training courses are trusted by corporations such as IBM, Rockwell, Northrop and more.

Here’s an example of one of their informative videos…the video demonstrates how to repair PCB laminate.

If you’re looking to repair a PCB, we do carry some BEST Inc PCB repair parts including circuit frames and eyelets…we also carry a few repair kits.

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