All-Spec Industries Continues to GO GREEN

by Andy on July 7, 2010

For years now, we have aimed to be environmentally friendly by keeping up on several “green” processes. Many recycling tips and All-Spec practices were discussed in a past blog article from September 2008. We’ve since been looking for more ways to broaden our horizons, and have recently installed new lighting from Orion Energy Systems in our warehouse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As a Southpoint Solutions company, Orion has been transforming several industries by increasing light levels and ultimately reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1996, over 5,612 facilities across North America have benefitted from Orion’s renewable technologies, and All-Spec can soon be added to a notable list of success stories.

Everyday, power plants burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas to produce electricity for lighting systems. In addition to creating an instant source of electricity, the burning of these fossil fuels also produces air pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen oxides (NOx). These pollutants then cause environmental damage such as acid rain, global warming, smog, and ozone problems. As you can see on All-Spec’s Environmental Page, our new lighting project will have a substantial impact in decreasing air pollution each year by:

  • 74,519 pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • 124,198 grams of Sulfur Dioxide
  • 288,140 grams of Nitrogen Oxides


By implementing Orion’s Compact Modular, high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) lighting series and motion sensor technology, we now have a 68% reduction in lighting energy. According to Jeremy Soliday, an Orion consultant, All-Spec also has 30% more light in the areas with new installations.

Want more information about Orion Energy Systems? Check out a few of the successful installation videos on Orion’s YouTube Channel!

More useful “green” resources:

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Have you helped your company GO GREEN?

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