Danaher and Cooper Tools Join Forces to Create Apex Tool Group

by Andy on July 14, 2010

Apex Tool Group Logo

As a previous blog post from April 2010 anticipated, Apex Tool Group, LLC is officially a formal establishment as of July 4, 2010. Danaher Corporation and Cooper Industries are the masterminds behind the new joint venture that combines these two leading tool manufacturers. Danaher and Cooper will each own a 50 percent stake in Apex Tool Group, which will be based in Sparks, Maryland. Steve Breitzka, a former Danaher vice president, has been appointed chairman of the board of directors.

A little tidbit on each company:

  • Based in Washington, D.C., Danaher Corporation manufactures products for customers in the professional, medical, industrial, and commercial industries.
  • Founded in 1833, Cooper Industries is a worldwide manufacturer of electrical components and tools, with eight operating divisions.

Why did these two major manufactures team up, you may ask? Simply put, combining Danaher and Cooper makes a very strong business. Executives believe that the two companies are very complementary… While Danaher has market strength and resources in the US and China, Cooper is strong is the US, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Apex Tool Group will allow for a powerful position in key worldwide markets, with facilities in more than 30 countries and 7,600 employees across the globe. As Breitzka states, “…we expect that Apex Tool Group will deliver even greater new product innovation to our customers and the industry.”

So, what does this mean for the customers? The brand names you are familiar with… Apex, Armstrong, Erem, Utica, and Weller… will not change at all. Distributors, customer service, and sales force will also be unchanged. Customers will still be able to buy these products from their current contacts, as Apex Tool Group works to standardize processes as the company grows.

We offer several brands from Apex Tool Group’s extensive brand index, and are continuously adding new products to All-Spec’s website!

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