New Lighting Installation Brings More Energy Savings

by Andy on July 9, 2010

As a follow-up to our previous blog article about the new lighting at All-Spec Industries, we’d like to provide our readers with additional energy-saving statistics… possibly as an incentive for more companies to hop on the GREEN bandwagon!

Before our new lights could be installed in our warehouse, the old ones had to be taken down. To begin the process, seventy-five (75) 8-foot fluorescent strips were removed. These lights were T12 magnetic ballast fixtures, which were only in use when the power was out in the warehouse. This is an older and very inefficient technology. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In addition, sixty-two (62) metal halide lamps were taken down. Although this is a pretty typical lighting fixture, only 35% of the energy consumed is turned into light. The remaining 65% is transformed into heat and vibration. The lamp level in these lights can also burn up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

To reduce our electrical consumption, we’ve replaced our metal halide lighting by a one-to-one ratio with T8 electronic ballast fixtures, saving All-Spec over 46,000 kilowatts per year and providing us with a 68% reduction in electrical consumption!

The new lighting project at All-Spec Industries is comparable to planting 9 acres of trees, removing 7 cars from the road each year, or saving 4,516 gallons of gasoline annually. WOW! Can you imagine if more companies used this lighting technology to GO GREEN?

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