[Website Enhancement] QuickOrder using spreadsheet data

by Andy on July 2, 2010

A new feature has just been added to our advanced QuickOrder page. Along with an ability to add additional rows to the QuickOrder input form, you can now copy and paste All-Spec part# and quantity data from a spreadsheet. Simply copy and paste the All-Spec part# and order quantity columns from your spreadsheet and paste into the “Spreadsheet Copy & Paste Tool”. Click the “Fill QuickOrder Form” button and the tool will put the spreadsheet data into the QuickOrder form for you. Finally, review the items and quantities. When you’re happy with the QuickOrder form contents, click “Add to Cart” and then finish your order as usual. There is a limit of 50 part numbers per QuickOrder. If that is not enough, let us know and we’ll make adjustments.

Glen Batchelor – CIO / CTO

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