Why is Personal Grounding Important?

by Andy on July 28, 2010

The big question: Why is personal grounding so important when working with electrical components and circuit boards?

Field Service KitFirst and foremost, connections from you to the ground limit the build-up of static electricity when repairing electronic devices. “Grounding” means just what it sounds like… The ground, or earth, acts as a conductive reference point for an electric current to travel. This eliminates any possible damage that electrostatic discharge (ESD) may cause to the electronic component you are working with. Although it takes an electrostatic discharge of about 3,000 volts for humans to feel a shock, electronic components can be damaged by as little as 10 volts. So, personal grounding is of utmost importance to protect these electronics.

Don’t worry! We have your personal grounding solutions covered: Shoe Ground

Field Service Kits (such as the one above) provide static-free, compact, portable work surfaces for electronics field technicians. Most kits come complete with adjustable wrist straps, coil and ground cords, and easy storage options.

Grounding Hardware consists of snap tools, bench kits and ground mats, ground cords, banana plug accessories, and mat grounding kits.

Shoe Grounds supply protection against ESD by providing contact around your foot. To explore this option, try a heel ground, toe ground, or a full sole shoe ground (pictured to the right) for reliable protection with both heel and toe contact.

Wrist Straps also serve as a viable personal grounding solution when workers need to move around their work area. After you choose either a single-conductor wrist strap or double-conductor wrist strap, you are then ready to find a wrist cord to use in conjunction with the strap for easy movement.

Still have questions about personal grounding and ESD safety? Check out the YouTube video below:

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