7 Benefits of OK International’s SmartHeat® Technology

by Andy on August 17, 2010

Smart Heat Soldering Set SmartHeat® Technology by OK International/Metcal has allowed for more control during soldering without having to use higher tip idle temperatures as you otherwise would. So, how does it work? SmartHeat® Technology determines the exact thermal demands for individual solder joints and delivers the necessary amount of thermal energy at the rate needed to produce a reliable connection. In doing such, the risk of electronic component damage is decreased, which is especially important with higher thermal demands of lead-free practices.

What makes SmartHeat® Technology different?

1. Delivers Direct Power – The flux activation and intermetallic bond formation are the two most important phases of conduction soldering. As opposed to traditional ceramic heaters that typically adjust the tip idle temperature to deal with heightened lead-free requirements, SmartHeat® technology senses the specific thermal needs and delivers accordingly.

2. Stored Thermal Energy Transfer – Because stored energy is directly correlated with tip mass and tip idle temperature, other heater soldering systems approach higher demands by raising tip idle temperature. However, SmartHeat® systems are able to distribute thermal energy at lower temperatures and lower the risk of component damage.

3. Reduces Risk of Overshoot – Thermocouple sensors and ceramic heaters used in other technologies often produce temperature discrepancies, along with unstable solder connections. SmartHeat®, though, detects the energy requirements before temperature deviation becomes a problem.

4. Provides Temperature Stability – Other ceramic heater systems rely on the sensor, heater, and operator set point controls to provide temperature stability, but these can be inconsistent. The repeatability of SmartHeat® technology is automatically established by the molecular properties of the heater material, which provides stability over time.

5. Precision Tip Selection – Because the tip is the main tool used to provide thermal energy from the heater to the pad, tip selection is of utmost importance. OKI’s Power Meter can determine specific pad energy requirements, which allow you to narrow down your choices when choosing a tip.

6. Perfect for Lead-Free – Reliable lead-free soldering connections are based upon high thermal demands. Because SmartHeat® technology allows for more accurate control, you can produce more stable connections at low operating temperatures required by lead-free applications.

7. Increase Tip Life and Value – Since SmartHeat® allows you to solder at lower temperatures, and tip selection is easier with the Power Meter, you will enjoy longer and more valuable tip lives.

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