3M EOS/ESD Management Assessment Program

by Andy on September 1, 2010

You probably recognize the 3M brand name, but the 3M EOS/ESD Management Assessment is a program that you may not be as familiar with. This new program is designed to assist companies in addressing ESD (electrostatic discharge) events to ultimately reduce losses. As opposed to traditional surveys and audits, this Assessment uses 3M diagnostic instrumentation to take a much deeper look into protecting your workplace from ESD and EOS (electrical overstress) damage.

Workstation Monitor The traditional survey or audit uses a checklist to take preventative measures in minimizing ESD destruction. This usually involves checking mats, heel grounders, and other personal grounding devices to make sure they are conductive/dissipative. However, 3M’s EOS/ESD program tests for actual ESD events and EOS situations in which discharges are currently taking place.

This program addresses Human Body Model (HBM) events, in which there is direct human interaction with static-sensitive components, such as the workbench and assembly areas. However, whole workstations and production equipment must also be analyzed for Charged Device Model (CDM) static-causing events. Technicians will analyze the equipment while in operation for proper grounding, as well as the quality of the power being supplied to the machine.

3M ESD Events Sensor Companies who have had the most success with 3M’s Assessment are typically highly static-sensitive environments with a substantial number of workstations and/or SMT lines. The process usually lasts a couple hours and provides documented feedback, complete with a recommended course of action.

Interested in participating in 3M’s EOS/ESD Assessment Program? Contact All-Spec Customer Service at (800) 537-0351 or sales@all-spec.com for more information.

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