Sierra Single-Layer Rubber Floor Matting Review

by Andy on September 2, 2010

ESD-Safe Rubber Floor MattingThe ESD-safe single-layer rubber floor matting by Sierra is the first of its kind that is light colored, electrically conductive, and antistatic. This series was designed for use in the most ESD-sensitive environments such as data centers, clean rooms, R & D labs, electronics manufacturing, and test and repair areas. Sierra’s floor matting will prevent walking body voltages above 10 volts when used with controlled footwear, but can also prevent substantial static accumulation when grounding footwear is not used.

More key features include:

  • Easy maintenance – no need for conductive wax
  • Slip-resistant non-glare surface
  • Resistant to chemicals and hot solder
  • Can be installed with double sided tape or releasable adhesive
  • Reduces risk of explosion
  • Withstands forklift/heavy wheeled traffic

ESD-Safe Rubber Floor MattingSierra’s single-layer rubber floor matting is available in white speckled or grey speckled, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Not only can this single-layer matting serve as a floor mat, but it is also the perfect solution for grounding aisles and corridors, and can even serve as a bridge between ESD-safe work areas. In addition, this matting can cover large areas as permanent flooring material. For these larger area needs, 48” by 40’ rolls may serve as the better alternative.

Need another type of matting? View all Sierra ESD-safe mats and flooring. Also see our video comparing rubber and vinyl matting.

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