How Does a Borescope Work?

by Andy on October 7, 2010

You may know about the uses of borescopes, but do you know how borescopes actually work? To get started, a borescope is an optical instrument with an objective lens (like a camera lens) on one end and an eyepiece on the other. An optical system connects the lens (which captures an image that is magnified for the viewer to see) and the eyepiece. Borescopes are most often used in inspection work for inaccessible viewing areas.

Rigid borescopes, as opposed to flexible borescopes, use lenses to relay the image through the optical system. The rigid version usually provides a better image at a lower cost than a flexible borescope. However, rigid borescopes also limit what you can view, meaning that the area to be viewed must be in a straight line. Therefore these are best suited for activities such as inspecting automotive cylinders and tubing, welding joints and gunsmithing.

Flexible borescopes, on the other hand, use fiber optic imaging bundles to transfer the image from the lens to the eyepiece. The bundles allow the borescope to be more flexible, but also produces a lower quality image.

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