Introducing All-Spec’s Line of Workbenches

by Andy on February 9, 2011

All-Spec Industries is excited to announce our new line of All-Spec workbenches, which provide a more affordable option when furnishing your workspace. These benches are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from the smallest at 2’ deep by 4’ long to the largest at 3’ deep by 10’ long.

All-Spec Workbench All-Spec’s new high-quality benches are known for being strong and durable, while also being easy to assemble. They have been tested to hold over 1,000 pounds and have been built for structural integrity, but also take only half an hour to set up. In addition, these benches are shipped within 5 to 7 days of placing your order!

We carry both ESD-safe and standard versions of the new All-Spec benches. The standard workbenches are manufactured using Formica™ Plastic Laminate, the heaviest grade laminate available today. The ESD-safe benches are made with LisStat™ Laminate, which will protect sensitive electronics from static charges. Both versions have a steel reinforced top, however the undersides of the tops on the ESD-safe benches are also laminated with an aluminum sheet for maximum conductivity.

Also customize your workbench with accessories including shelves, drawers and footrests!

For a limited time, order your All-Spec workbench at our special introductory price starting at $212.80.

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