All-Spec Industries Workbench Assembly

by Andy on March 7, 2011

As you’ve seen with our last few blog posts, All-Spec Industries has recently released our own line of economical ESD-safe and standard workbenches. With 15 sizes to choose from, these benches are fully customizable and take only half an hour to assemble. The video below goes into thorough detail of how to assemble the bench from when you first receive it to the final product.

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To begin, you will attach the legs (at the desired height) to the underside of the bench top. This can be done directly on the pallet on which you receive the package. Once you have the bench legs attached, you can turn the bench upright to in order to add the reinforcement bar.

The first accessory the video addresses is the drawer stack. This requires fitting the drawer stack into a groove on the underside of the bench top. Next is the bin drawer, which is easily added by removing the screws under the bench, adding the drawer and then simply tightening the screws back in.

The standard footrest is assembled by selecting the desired adjustment holes and simply inserting the bolts into place. If you prefer an ergonomic footrest (pictured to the left), it is assembled by sliding the footrest pad onto the desired position on the footrest bar and then mounting it into place.

Next in line is the power strip, which attaches to the back of the bench top using four small screws. The bench uprights are then added by fitting the uprights’ brackets on the back end of the bench top and then inserting the bolts into the pre-drilled holes. Bin rails can be added next by loosening the thumb screws, fitting the rail over the uprights and lowering to the desired position. Bins will then fit snugly on the edge of the rail. A roll holder can also be added by simply fitting it onto brackets attached to the uprights.

Bench shelves (pictured to the right) can now be added by loosening the thumb screws on the back of the shelf brackets, sliding them over the uprights and aligning to the desired height notches. The shelf itself is then attached using four bolts with washers.

Lastly, the pre-assembled light frame is added by loosening the brackets, sliding the frame over the uprights and tightening into place. To remove the packing around the bulbs, gently pry open the clips holding the light’s housing together, remove the foam packing and then replace the bulbs. You can then reassemble the light’s housing. To hang the light itself, clip the brackets into the light’s housing and attach the housing bolts through the holes in the light frame. Then tighten the light into place.

For further questions about the All-Spec bench assembly process or about specific accessories, please email ( or call Customer Service at (800) 537-0351.

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