Try An Electric Duster Instead Of Canned Air

by Andy on March 25, 2011

Metro Vac Electric Duster For those of you who use canned air or aerosol dusters on a regular basis, you may want to check out the Metropolitan Vacuum Electric Duster. This “green” electric powered duster is part of MetroVac’s DataVac® line and is built with a compact, comfortable design. With a powerful 500-watt motor, this electric duster keeps your expensive computer and electronic equipment in tip-top shape by blasting off dirt and debris.

The cost of the refrigeration fluid 134a used in solvents, freeze sprays and canned air has steadily been increasing. With the prices of these chemicals skyrocketing, MetroVac’s environmentally friendly ED-500 Duster provides a more efficient and economical alternative to traditional air dusters. At just over 2 pounds, this duster is lightweight and will outlast the standard canned air that needs to be replaced so often.

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