FLIR Thermal Imaging Handheld Cameras

by Andy on June 13, 2011

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera An excellent choice for homeowners or contractors looking to find building problems, the FLIR i3 is now being carried by All-Spec Industries. As FLIR’s most affordable handheld thermal imaging camera, the i3 offers a high resolution 2.8” color LCD screen, outstanding thermal accuracy (+/- 2%), a broad temperature measurement range (-4° F to 482° F) and a 60 x 60 resolution (3,600 pixels). The FLIR i7 is optimal for scanning areas that have small components. It provides all of the same features as the i3, but incorporates a 120 x 120 resolution (14,400 pixels), which allows greater image clarity for a more detailed analysis.

FLIR also offers thermal imaging cameras for electrical/mechanical applications. The FLIR E-series FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameraline (E30, E40, E50 and E60) has the highest level of camera infrared resolution with 19,200 pixels for the E30 model to 76,800 pixels for the E60 model. All cameras in the E-series have a 3.5” touch-screen LCD, manual focus, laser pointer, composite video and USB-mini outputs and video  streaming. In addition, the E40, E50 and E60 have a 3 megapixel digital camera with LED lamp, picture-in-picture images, Wi-Fi connectivity to iPad or iPhone for processing and sharing results, and the ability to add voice comments and text notes to further support findings.

Whether you’re an entry-level monitor or a seasoned inspector looking to grow your business, All-Spec Industries has the right FLIR camera to fit your needs.

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