Master Appliance Heat Tools Sale

by Andy on August 29, 2011

All-Spec Industries is an authorized distributor of Master heat tools. We carry all of your heating tool needs such as butane refills, butane micro torches, heat guns and more all from Master!

Master Appliance was the first company to introduce the butane powered soldering tool to the North American marketplace. Their heating tools are used today for applications where heat is needed such as, drying, heating, welding, shrinking, soldering and desoldering.

An idea of some Master heat tools we carry (around 100 total) include:

Master 11799 Butane Refill Master 11799 butane refill

· New to All-Spec! For use with butane powered products

· Can be shipped via ground transportation without a haz-mat charge

· Canister measures 3-3/4 oz

Master MT-51 butane torch

· Now available to purchase separately/individually for your convenience

· Pocket size with 2 hour approximate running time

· Broad or pinpoint flame heating to 2500* F

· Safety lock guarantees switch is off when not in use

Master 10008 Heat Gun Master 10008 heat gun

· Compact and light, designed for electrical benchwork

· Equipped to perform heating jobs without excess air flow

· Quiet running motor to assure calm work environment

· 650*F in temperature, 4.5 amperage, 475 Watt power

Master HG-501A heat gun

· Heavy duty, multiple use

· High speed universal motor

· Adjustable non-slip stand

· Temperature range: 500-750*F, 14A amperage, 1680 Watt power

From now until the end of the year, save up to 29% on Master heat tools. Prices are in effect for a limited time only! Master sale ends December 31, 2011.

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