Green Soldering Irons from Weller

by Andy on October 14, 2011

While we are running our contest to find the oldest working Weller soldering tool you may find yourself in need of a more modern replacement. Weller is currently producing a line of soldering stations that are not only top of the line products, but also can help save money on energy costs.

The Weller WX series soldering station monitors and controls the use of the equipment attached to constantly change the energy output as needed. This allows the unit to automatically put items on stand-by or turn them off when not in use, saving energy and money for the operator. By constantly monitoring the power output this station can also increase the life of the attached products, giving you even more use with the already long lasting Weller products.

Weller Soldering Station Weller WX soldering stations can be used with the WXP series soldering irons, WFE series fume extraction units, and WHP series preheating plates.

Have you used these or any other green soldering systems? Let us know your thoughts and experience with them in the comments!

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