New at All-Spec! Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras for Building Inspections

by Andy on October 18, 2011

FLIR T-Series Infrared Camera“Using a thermal imaging camera for building diagnostics?” You might not have heard of this concept, but it is of benefit on different aspects.

First, when performing building inspections, the inspector is mostly limited to a visual inspection of the property. The issue is that problems may not be visible to the naked eye. In order to discover building problems, an inspector would have to “guess” the location, and then open up walls to try to pinpoint a possible problem.

Second, an inspector cannot possibly detect or predict a future problem, such as mold. But, the use of an infrared camera can help detect problems that otherwise would have gone unnoticed until the damage is greater. All-Spec Industries now carries the FLIR B-series thermal imaging cameras (B200, B300, B360 and B400) which, among other things, feature a “dew point alarm” that displays areas with risk of surface condensation where mold growth could occur.

All-Spec is now also offering the FLIR T-series infrared cameras (T200, T300, T360, T400 and T620) which are excellent choices for inspecting electrical and mechanical systems. The use of a thermal imaging camera can detect abnormal patterns of heat in electrical circuits, in motors or other mechanical equipment, or indicate pipe temperatures or identify line blockages in fluid systems. Mechanical inspections can be challenging, but they don’t have to be with use of a FLIR infrared camera. Also, adding an infrared camera to your toolbox can save you money! Detecting problems before they turn into mechanical failures can prevent costly equipment repairs, production downtime, even a dangerous electrical fire.

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