[IT News] New Checkout Process and Shopping Cart!

by Glen B. on November 16, 2011

We’ve been busy designing, building and testing a new checkout process that should benefit the individuals as well as the businesses that buy from us. The consolidated checkout and ordering process will make web ordering easier and streamline the order processing internally. We will be able to process even more orders in a timely manner than we do now. The new checkout will require an account login for repeat purchases. Existing MyAccount subscribers will be able to login normally while non-subscribers will be able to checkout and register for an account at the same time.

All-Spec Shopping Cart Who are you buying for ?

Buying for yourself and not a business? We’ve made a checkout just for you with a small number of required fields. Business customers will need to type in a few additional fields so that we have separate buyer and billing data to process orders with. This allows us to quickly contact the buyer and/or the billing department in the case of a problem. It also helps us link multiple buyers to a single billing account.

All-Spec Checkout Step 1 Existing MyAccount subscribers: just sign in and get new benefits!

Login and go! You will be able to store more than one credit card in the new card wallet if you need to. You will also be able to change your billing information under MyAccount. Don’t forget that you have access to your sales history, invoice copies, original packing lists, and product purchase reports. Have an idea for a new feature? Let us know!

All-Spec Checkout Step 2 Different shipping methods, one shopping cart, a bunch of orders and invoices

The new shipping method tool will give you a “break-down” of the sales orders/invoices that will be processed in our system. A quick review of the web page will tell you what’s shipping from our main warehouse, what will be shipped from other locations as well as HazMat, LTL/Freight and other requirements. You will be able to choose shipping methods and shipping payment options at the same time. If you choose pre-paid shipping options, you’ll get a live shipping cost for every stock, direct ship, LTL/freight and HazMat item you order. We think this is the best thing since the world wide web itself.

All-Spec Checkout Step 3 When are HazMat fees applicable?

The shipping tool will break your cart items up based on the shipping requirements of all of the items in your cart. Each shipping method will include a sales total along with live shipping costs.   Yes, it will be an accurate HazMat shipping cost and not just a generic shipping statement! Your best bet to reduce the impact of HazMat fees is to buy in carton quantities and ship via ground method. If you must send a bulk of your order via 3-day, 2-day or 1-day then our calculator will separate the air-restricted items and/or note the specific items which incur HazMat air shipping fees.

All-Spec Checkout Review No need to call for LTL/Shipping costs!

You read correctly; we’re quoting live LTL costs in the new checkout process! You can still choose to use your own carrier and specify a collect account, but we offer extremely competitive pricing with FedEx Freight Standard. Some odd exceptions will occur and we may need to call you back with an adjustment, but typically benches and other non-hazardous LTL-only items will be quoted correctly on our web site.

We look forward to serving your needs and hope that this upgrade will help make your shopping and buying experience even easier than before. We are planning on going live Friday Nov 18, 2011 after 5:30pm ET. Keep a check here for more information including possible changes to the schedule.

Thanks for your business and support,

Glen Batchelor

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