What are the ESD Classifications? A Look at the Machine Model

by Andy on November 14, 2011

Over the last two weeks we have gone over the human body and charge device models of ESD classification. This week is the last in our three part series, and we are going over the machine model.

Machine Model Classifications The machine model is the most straightforward of the three ESD classifications. It shows how sensitive a device is to other charged devices in the area. For instance, if there are charged wires around your work station and they touch your ESD sensitive device, machine model classification tells you how much voltage can discharge from the wire to the item before it is affected.

To the left are the classification levels for the machine model. When testing products to place them in a specific class you typically charge a probe to the voltage range you want to test, then touch it to an ESD sensitive part of the device. Then test the item to see if this discharge caused damage.

circuit3 This marks the end of our ESD classification series! If you need any more information on the ESD classification systems then check out www.esda.org. They have documents on the classification models, as well as a glossary of terms and a lot of other information. Starting next Monday we are going to shift gears and start to talk about electrical testing equipment, such as the new Monroe Electronics meters we will soon be adding to our site. Also make sure to check out the first two parts of our ESD classification series, linked below.

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