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by Andy on December 8, 2011

December is finally here, but it certainly is not too late to buy presents for the important people in your life. In fact, I am sure there are plenty of you who have not even started holiday shopping (just like me!). We here at All-Spec always want to help, so we decided to give you even more gift ideas! Make sure to order soon, December 15th is the last day to ship if you want to make sure your presents get to you by Christmas.

For the wood worker on the go:

General Tools Saw and Screwdriver Set General Tools Saw and Screwdriver Set: This is a rather handy set, especially for anyone who is on the go. Not only do you get plenty of saw blades, but it also contains screwdriver heads, combining two tools into one easy-to-carry package. Also, it comes with a convenient holster, so you can keep it close at hand no matter where you go.

Channellock Laser Level Channellock Laser Level: A good laser level is another great addition to a wood worker’s arsenal. Laser levels are extremely convenient, as you can check the level on large objects without the bulk of a larger level. Also, the laser can reach as far as most people would need, staying accurate up to a quarter inch as far as 100 feet away! You don’t have to worry about the laser burning out either. It’s made to last up to 10,000 hours, which should be more than enough for anyone.

For the plastic modeler:

Master Appliance Butane Torch Master Appliance Butane Microtorch: Butane torches are versatile tools and something that not everyone has lying around their workbench. This torch is great because it doubles as a hand-held or hands-free torch, with a solid base allowing it to stand upright on a table. Open flame butane torches like this can be used for many different applications, from using heat shrink tubing to igniting materials.

Master Appliance Butane Soldering Iron and Torch Master Appliance Butane Soldering Iron and Butane Torch: If you don’t think that a hands-free torch is needed, this combination soldering iron and butane torch can be another good present. This has the added benefit of various modes, making it a cordless soldering, flameless heat tool and a hot knife tool all in one.

Master Appliance Heat Gun Master Appliance Heat Gun: For an extremely versatile present, there is nothing better than a good heat gun. This can be used for bending and curing plastics, among hundreds of other uses. We even have a list of 20 uses for heat guns on our blog! Make sure to read the comments, as our readers had some great ideas as well.

For the electrician:

General Tools Clip-On LED Lights General Tools Clip-On LED Lights: This can be very helpful for anyone who needs to be going around crawl spaces and looking in walls to fix wires. Especially for an electrician, if the power is out where they are working they still need to have enough light to see. This is also helpful to use in conjunction with a headlamp, as it gives you constant light where you need it rather than moving with you. The clip allows it to be placed wherever you need it, even in areas where there are no surfaces to set a light on.

General Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester General Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester: Non-contact voltage testers are a piece of equipment that is essential for electricians. This is a perfect small gift, as it is cheap and ubiquitous in the field. Also, it’s another small tool that can easily be carried around and find its way into any tool box.


General Tools Digital Multimeters General Tools Digital Multimeters: These fall into the same category as non-contact voltage detectors: a must have item for electricians. It’s also a nice gift as you can find both premium items as well as cheaper ones depending on your budget and both are rather useful for the person receiving the gift. Do they need one for on-the-go that will be thrown all over the place? Get a cheaper multimeter they won’t mind wearing out. Do they need a high quality one for their major projects? Grab a more expensive one that has better features and will make their job go even more smoothly.

Remember, make sure to put your orders in by December 15th for shipping before Christmas! Be sure to check out our previous gift ideas blog if you need more!.

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