Local Customer Creates Business with Bucket Boss!

by Andy on January 13, 2012

It all started back in 2007 after her retirement and since then, Carol Mullinix has created somewhat of a Bucket Boss empire, all out of the courtesy of her own home.

Thanks to her love of old planes (she even owns a pilots license) and a passion for old cars, she came up with the idea of turning what may have originally been a hobby, into a pretty successful business.

She even surprised herself a little. “I’m surprised at how popular, being a retired flight attendant, this has become. I never would have dreamed,” said Mullinix.

Bucket Boss Tool Roll Mullinix purchases bulk orders from All-Spec, typically 2-3 times per month, of the Bucket Boss 07004 and customizes them for her online eBay motors shop. Each visit produces about 30 orders of the Bucket Boss Duckwear Tool Roll item. Through her in-home monogramming system, she creates labels and designs for tool rolls to be used on classic cars and show planes.

She only produces the tool rolls for classic cars because they are normally the ones breaking down. Tool boxes aren’t ideal since they rattle and will move all over the place. The convenience of the rolls has become very successful.  It’s nice to have these in case you need to fix an unexpected problem with your car, without the trouble of having to call for help.

Embroidered Bucket Boss Tool Roll While customizing the tool rolls for the cars, she can print up to 26 letters and spaces under each logo and also does larger quantity orders with a minimum of 10. Her most popular design is the Ford model-T, model-A logo embroidery.

While personalizing these tool rolls for show or sea planes, Mullinix frequently sells to bush pilots in Alaska, who take groups of people out for fishing and hunting expeditions. These come in handy because they can store easily under the seat in the cockpit for simple storage.

The rolls are also ideal for hobby planes that fly for recreation, much for the same reason. If they were to break down with no tools, there aren’t a lot of sources for assistance so they are prepared should the plane have mechanical issues.

To give you an idea, she started out doing a few hundred per month and is now currently doing well over 20,000 each year. Mullinix says her busy season falls during early Spring, mid-Summer, early Fall and of course, Christmas.

We appreciate her loyalty to All-Spec and look forward to doing business with her each month. We also love her idea of personalizing Bucket Boss items and wouldn’t be surprised if her idea caught on to others in the future. To give you an idea, she even did a classic car tool roll order for a Daimler limousine with a Damimler logo for Queen Elizabeth of England last year!

“I enjoy the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone at All-Spec and how accommodating they are. I feel like I know everyone in the company from the upper management on down, “ Mullinix mentioned.

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