[IT News] Fiber connection update

by Glen B. on March 21, 2012

We are so excited about our fiber connection! Finally, it’s almost turn-up time! The estimated availability date is 05/01/2012, per AT&T, for our new fiber connection. The fiber bundle has been run, our new network addresses have been provisioned by AT&T and ARIN has confirmed a new POC with our information.

There will be great bandwidth potential for All-Spec once this fiber install is finished. AT&T estimates that roughly 2GB of bandwidth could be provided through this fiber bundle with specific equipment and provisioning on their end. We will be starting out with 10MB up and down for now. That is double our current sustained bandwidth capacity. Up to 100MB is quickly attainable with a simple phone call and some billing changes. I don’t think we’ll need more than that this year, but more can be made available to us with equipment and provisioning changes.

Thanks for your continued business!

Glen Batchelor

AT&T Fiber Connection Box – All-Spec

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