Care and Maintenance of ESD Wear

by Andy on April 23, 2012

Worklon ESD-Safe Wear One question we get a lot at All-Spec Industries is how to properly launder ESD-safe garments. Generally your best bet is to check with the manufacturer for their garment specific instructions, but there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when cleaning any ESD-safe wear.

  • Repair any holes or snags in garments before washing
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

Bleach can cause deterioration in the conductive components of your garments, and fabric softener may interfere with moisture absorbency as well as mask any soil release finish it may have.

  • Wash different types of garments in separate loads

Avoid cross-contamination of fabrics by only washing like garments together. This will also prevent stiff or abrasive fabrics from hurting more sensitive garments.

  • Hang dry your garments when possible

Tumble dry only on lowest setting. Many ESD-safe garments are temperature sensitive, so you do not want to hurt their conductivity during the drying process. Also ESD-safe garments tend to dry fast, and you do not want to over dry them.

  • Only iron on lowest setting

Avoid ironing if you can, as the heat may hurt the ESD-safe properties of your garments. This is another reason why it is best to hang dry, as you will have to iron your garments less.

Overall it is best to contact the manufacturer to find what chemicals should be used to clean ESD-safe garments. Different fabrics call for different care, so each garment will have different requirements to keep clean and ESD-safe.

We do carry a number of ESD-safe garments at All-Spec Industries! Here is a list of garment specific washing instructions for all of our ESD-safe wear.

Lab Tech™ ESD-Safe Garments

EEC Garments

Tech Wear Smocks and Lab Coats:

OFX-100 Fabric

IVX-400 Fabric

ECX-500 Fabric

Nylostat Fabric

Worklon ESD-Safe Garments

Work-Stat and 98/Two ESD-Safe Lab Coats

Microstat ESD-Safe Lab Wear

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