Product Spotlight: Desco Jewel® MagSnap Wrist Straps

by Andy on April 4, 2012

All-Spec Industries offers a number of Desco Jewel® MagSnap wrist straps, providing increased protection to keep your components safe from accidental ESD damage.

Desco Jewel MagSnap Wrist Strap


MagSnap wrist straps are designed with magnetic clasps to help prevent accidental disconnects. All MagSnaps maintain a 1-5 pound release to allow for a safe breakaway connection to the ground. With the magnetic snap keeping you ESD-safe, you can work with even less worry of an accidental disconnect causing item damage and product failure.



  • Magnetic connection between wrist strap and cord eliminates intermittent failure of traditional snaps
  • Provides a consistent 1-5 pound release for safe breakaway connection without accidental disconnects
  • Works with many wrist strap testers and continuity monitors
  • Medical grade stainless steel clasps eliminate allergic skin reactions for most operators, and prevents bands from slipping
  • Right angled banana plug is designed to prevent wear on its springs, reducing accidental disconnects from the banana jack
  • Coiled cord has passed strain relief tests for over 1 million cycles, 62 times the minimum requirements (per ESD S1.1)

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