Product Spotlight: Weller WSM1C

by Andy on April 25, 2012

The Weller WSM1C cordless rechargeable soldering and rework system gives you the power of a corded station with increased mobility.

Weller WSM1C Station Design:

Unlike other cordless soldering irons, the WSM1C is a full station with a wide temperature range and a short heat-up time. By having the battery in the station rather than in the soldering iron, the Weller WSM1C can have a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gives up to 1 hour of soldering capacity with a 20 minute recharge time. While the iron is still corded to the station, the unit can be easily used anywhere, from inside vehicles to outdoors. The WSM1C works well even on a normal workbench, as you have the option of plugging it into a wall outlet for long term continuous use.


  • Built-in Stop+Go function saves energy and extends tip life
  • Touch screen control
  • Temperature-locking function
  • Two programmable pre-set temperatures
  • Integrated, ergonomically designed 50W micro-soldering pencil
  • Changeable, high-efficiency RT3 micro-soldering chisel tip with integrated heating element
  • Safety rest with WDC2 dry cleaner
  • Run/Charge mode to switch between outlet power or battery.


  • 1 hour soldering capacity
  • Recharge time: 20 minutes
  • Energy-efficient switching power supply: 100V to 240V
  • Temperature range: 200°F to 750°F (50°C to 400°C)
  • Heat-up time: 4 seconds
  • RoHS compliant


The Weller WSM1C is currently on sale at Purchase now for $252.00 and save 46% off the normal price of $468.00!

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